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Here’s unexpected things you can donate to our food bank.

24th May 2023

When donating to the food bank, many of us may think of giving pasta or tinned food. 🥫

Though this food is appreciated, our food bank also needs some unexpected, but essential items.

Here’s seven unexpected things you can donate .

1) Free from food including gluten free, dairy free food, Halal and alternative milk, such as soya or almond ( non perishable food items).

2) Tin openers these are helpful as food banks often receive tinned food.

3) Toiletries and sanitary products, including toothpaste, soap and hand wash.

4) Toilet rolls.

5) Household items including detergent and washing up liquid.

6) Nappies and other baby supplies including baby wipes and toiletries. (no baby formula).

7) Dog and Cat food.

Thank you.

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